Baby Photography Melbourne,

All packages include:

  • Discussing your photo aspirations
  • Talent in optimizing composition and lighting
  • Artistic enhancements and color corrections
  • Pre-sorting the top 25-30 images (so you don’t have to)
  • Online gallery to share with friends and family
  • 4×6″ proofs (nothing beats real prints!)
  • Downloadable high resolution images after 90 days (that’s everything but the kitchen sink)
  • Access to gorgeous enlargements at reasonable prices (e.g. 5×7″ for $8)
  • Loads of laughs

Our most popular package is a one hour, on location, photo shoot for $450. Better yet, contact us so we can tailor a package just for you. Because when you commission us, the work we do is as unique as your children.

A little Lesson

The first rule of photography is compose a good shot, but there’s usually a lot involved and since a lot of this happens automatically for me now, it’s only in retrospect that I can break at least some of this down:

  1. Know what you’re going to do before you do it.  … I took my 50mm for this situation given the working distance, low light and my desire to focus manually.  My Canon was set to AV mode, ISO 1600 and f2 in advance.
  2. Make your kids at ease.  Being a father has built up my repertoire of jokes, funny noises and quirky faces.
  3. Find the light.  I moved between the window and the kids while being careful not to cast a shadow.  The upside is soft lighting and specular highlights in the eyes.
  4. Compose the shot well.  I wanted both kids in the shot, but wanted Zoe to have her due (she’s often overshadowed by her bigger brother if you can imagine that).  So the focus point went on her and Aidan was slightly cropped out and out of focus.  Composition follows the rules of thirds and is well balanced (two similarly sized subjects lending equal weight to each side of the photograph)
This shot was taken at ISO 100, 1/400 and f4 and just prior to my intervention to prevent the lovely flower from being uprooted.  I set up an external flash to camera left about two feet off the ground to illuminate Aidan and underexposed the background by a stop.  If you find the details of this interesting than tune in for photography lessons and updates to my learn photography section of my Baby Photography.  
It’s a sweet photo but he’s really a sweet kid.  A pre-schooler who’s some how accumulated about $180 in allowance, White Envelopes (Chinese New Year money) and Birthday money!  So when I asked him what he was going to do with it, I had in the back of mind the Ten Rules of Toddler Possession that most every parent is familiar with:
  1. If I like it, it’s mine.
  2. If I can take it from you, it’s mine.
  3. If it’s mine, it must never appears to be yours in anyway
With great surprise, we were taken aback when he said he should give some to God, like $80 worth!  
First, I was floored because it’s a lot of money for a toddler to give away.  He knows exactly how much $80 is since he can count well past a hundred, knows it takes many months to save that much and equates the amount with several different Lego sets he’s been eyeing on an almost daily basis.
 Second, Michelle and I thought that this gesture of radical generosity was really a lesson to us.  I for one, am not so sure I could pass up on the 50mm f1.2 lens that causes me to salivate.  
We did have to explain though, that our Salvation was free and he didn’t need to pay God for it.  Really sweet kid!