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Birthstones And Their Meanings

There are a lot of legends and lore surrounding the practice of wearing birthstones. Many people believe that the idea of wearing birthstones started out as a marketing ploy by companies selling jewe........ Read More

The Best Birthday Gift In The World

When I was a little girl, my Nana and Grandpa would often give me a "grab bag" full of goodies for my birthday present. This was nothing more than a brown paper shopping bag filled with trinkets and........ Read More

Birthdays – We All Have Them

Birthdays: we all have them. Every year, in fact. We pay a lot of attention to them, as they decide things like our star sign and our birthstone. When you’re a child, you look forward to your birth........ Read More

Birth Control And Cervical Cancer

People who are not ready to raise a family or don’t want to have anymore kids should practice birth control. For those who use birth control pills, you should be alarmed by a new study that shows ........ Read More

Birth Control: An Overview

We live in a more sexually permissive world, and with that liberty came a rise in the number of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. It is because of this that more and more birth c........ Read More

Birth Control Questions And Answers

Birth control has been around for over four decades now, and yet people only have the slightest understanding of what it is and how it can help them. In this article, we are going to try to shed ligh........ Read More

Make It Fun! Birthday Party Themes Are A Great Idea

Decorating a birthday party according to a theme not only makes it easy to plan, but it also makes it fun! Themes add life and adventure to birthday parties, allowing party goers to lose themselves in........ Read More

Camping Birthday Party Ideas

While girls dream of parties with "jammies" and pillow fights little boys often dream of sleepovers that are held beneath the stars. There are many ways this can be incorporated into a birthday them........ Read More

Choosing Birthday And Christmas Gifts For Horse Lovers

One of the best ways to choose a gift that will please a recipient, is to consider their greatest interests and loves. Whether it is for Christmas or a birthday, a hobby or interest related gift is li........ Read More

Talking With Kids About Sex And Birth Control

It is perfectly normal for parents to have a hard time talking to their kids about sex and birth control. Properly and clearly discussing sexuality to children and teenagers is very important as this ........ Read More

The Birth Control Working Process

The wonder that is birth control, specifically the pill, is something that usually ends up being taken for granted. While most would simply choose to ignore the science behind it rather than understan........ Read More

Know The Common Birth Control Side Effects Of Pills

Any form of medication, whether it is a prescription or over-the-counter drug, has certain side effects. As for the intake of birth control pills, the side effects commonly experienced by women are ei........ Read More

Birthday Party Ideas For You

If you are planning a birthday party for your son or daughter then read this article and you wont be short of ideas. First you have to remember that a birthday is not an individual’s occasion but i........ Read More

Pajama Birthday Party

There are many great types of birthdays for kids to have but one of the most exciting; particularly the first time is the pajama party. Girls especially love to have pajama parties, slumber parties,........ Read More

Notable Facts On Permanent Birth Control

Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies are no longer a problem for sexually active men and women for there are wide variations of birth control methods to choose from today. Some, part........ Read More


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