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Preparing For Baby- Birth Announcements

Pregnancy and birth is such an exciting time, for expectant mothers and fathers, and grandparents too. It is a time in the parents life when everything is about to change forever. Many parents choose ........ Read More

Birth Announcement Etiquette 101

When you are going to give birth to a child, it is a truly special event. All of your friends and family will be eager to hear the news. However, there are certain rules of etiquette for announcing a........ Read More

Getting Familiar With Another Natural Birth Control Method

For many couples, having a child is a source of joy brought about by careful thought and conscious choice. It is also a tough decision to make most especially for women who have other thin........ Read More

Gagged While Giving Birth

A name that will haunt me for a long time to come after reading an article in the local newspaper is that of science fiction author Mr L Ron Hubbard the creator of a controversial organisation called ........ Read More

Planning A Preschool Birthday Party With Success

Usually around the time that children get to be in preschool, they discover that there is a whole world of birthday parties out there which can be just for them. It usually starts with one child ha........ Read More

Is It Possible To Get Pregnant While On Birth Control?

Some studies indicate that it is technically possible to become pregnant while on birth control pills. Except for abstinence, there is still no 100% guaranteed fail-proof birth control medication or m........ Read More

Birth Control Pills And Acne: Clear Mind Or Clear Skin?

Before you read this article, I am duty-bound to tell you that this article is for women only (though I am sure men will be curious to read it)! To take or not to take birth control pills for control........ Read More

Buying Birth Control Products

A lot of studies have shown that most accidental and unwanted pregnancies belong to adolescents between the ages of fifteen and nineteen. The United States holds the highest teen pregnancy rate among ........ Read More

How To Host A Superb Kid Birthday Party!

How do you plan a children’s birthday party... and still remain sane? Relax, don’t panic and keep it as simple as possible is the answer. Kids don’t care if the room has been vacuumed and clea........ Read More

Talking To Your Folks About Starting Birth Control

If you are nervous or anxious about talking to your parents about sex and your sexual health, they are feeling ten times more than you do. They know that as teenagers and young adults, your hormones a........ Read More

3 Birthday Party Games Everyone Will Love Playing!

What’s a birthday party without games? No party at all that’s what! Games bring excitement to any party and birthday parties are no exception. Sure there are the traditional birthday party games l........ Read More

Birth Control And Migraine

A migraine is a severe headache usually accompanied by symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. This can disable you for a few hours or even days. The level at which this happens or even its frequency ........ Read More

Freedom Of Choice In Birth Control

The 1960s brought about the feminist movement, also known as Women's Liberation, which effected many changes in the Western culture such as the increased awareness and activism related to women's suff........ Read More

Birth Control 101

We now live in a world where sex is as normal as going out to the movies. Even teenagers as young as fifteen years old are aware of the concept of premarital sex. And chances are, a lot of adolescents........ Read More

Finding Unique Birthday Gifts

Finding a unique birthday gift can be one of the most challenging, frustrating and rewarding things you will ever do. When your loved one’s eyes light up with that expression that tells you “I n........ Read More


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Baby Toy Baby Shower Baby Gift Baby Carrier
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