Mothers Day Baby Photo Shoot

Mother’s Day Wish

Michelle’s wish – Mother’s day brunch, a massage at a spa and a little time away from the kids.
What I gave her – not much.
Aidan, Zoe and I actually snuck out of work/daycare on Friday to get Mommy a little something. Problem is, Aidan can’t keep a secret, so while she was opening her gift, Aidan blurted out uncontrollably, “It’s a purse!” Michelle pretended to be surprised anyway and did seem to appreciate a smaller purse that she could wear while carrying Zoe. Today, we went to the park to give Mommy an hour or so of quiet time. Zoe subsequently squirted me (and $4000 worth of equipment with her bottle – more on that on Wednesday) so I put the camera down and went on to do what I do best, play with my kids (and every other kid in a 50 foot vicinity).

The funny thing is, rather then resting, Michelle cooked up a feast. We had been contemplating going to one of those fancy all you can eat Mother’s Day Brunches at a hotel, but for $40-50 per person, we really couldn’t justify it. Anyway, today was another reminder that I had married up in the world. Below, two sets of bewildered eyes try to decide between succulent sausage and juicy berries.

Technical Photography Note: The first photo was taken at 1/8000 sec at f/1.4, ISO 100. The background was full of kids so the aperture was opened up as much as possible before exceeding the shutter speed. It’s processed like a black and white photo except I increased the saturation of the color of the hearts and water bottle. Second photograph taken at 1/40 sec at f/1.8, ISO 500. The shutter was as slow as I could go without blurring the photo noticeably which drove the aperture and ISO setting. Depending on the lighting, a Canon 5D starts to show noticeable noise around this ISO.

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