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A Little Book About Me And My Mom

RRP $15.99

What better way for a child to celebrate a beloved parent than with a book of personal thoughts, memories, photos, and drawings? This lovely little scrapbook will make a wonderful gift for mom.

Inside, children can fill it with facts about their mother - where she was born, her favourite colour, what she loved to do when she was little--along with notes about the fun things they do together as a family.

There are places for photos, spots for drawing, and lots of space for kids to express all the reasons they love their mom so much. A built-in pouch at the back of the book can be used to store photos, notes, and other mom-related mementos.

The book also comes with a gift card that children can use to write a special message for their mother. A heartwarming keepsake that will be cherished for years.

Chemomechanical Instabilities In Responsive Materials

RRP $657.99

The present volume includes most of the material of the invited lectures delivered at the NATO Advanced Study Institute "Morphogenesis through the interplay of nonlinear chemical instabilities and elastic active media" held from 2th to 14th July 2007 at the Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese (, in Corsica (France). This traditional place to organize Summer Schools and Workshops in a well equipped secluded location at the border of the Mediterranean sea has, over many years now, earned an increasing deserved reputation. Non-linear dynamics of non equilibrium systems has worked its way into a great number of fields and plays a key role in the understanding of se- organization and emergence phenomena in domains as diverse as chemical reactors, laser physics, fluid dynamics, electronic devices and biological morphogenesis. In the latter case, the viscoelastic properties of tissues are also known to play a key role. The control and formulation of soft responsive or "smart" materials has been a fast growing field of material science, specially in the area of po- mer networks, due to their growing applications in bio-science, chemical sensors, intelligent microfluidic devices, ...Nature is an important p- vider of active materials whether at the level of tissues or at that of s- cellular structures. As a consequence, the fundamental understanding of the physical mechanisms at play in responsive materials also shines light in the understanding of biological artefacts.

Healthy Baby, Happy Mom

RRP $13.99

Would you like to have understand your baby better? Healthy Baby, Happy mom will show you what is the physical, social, and mental development stages of baby's first year starting from the first month! No more frustrations and clueless moments with your new born baby! In addition you will discover, 1. Differences between breastfed vs. non-breastfed babies. how much to feed extactly? 2. What toys are appropriate? What toys really help the baby's development stages? 3. Proven step by step guide on better sleeps for baby and for yourself! After going through this book, you will begin toward towards loving and fulfilling long term bond with your baby! To get started, simply scroll up and click on the "buy now button"!


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Oh Baby Raising Baby Children Kids
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