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Mom, Dad, I'm An Atheist

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This essential guide to coming-out as a non-believer has been written to make it easier for atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, and non-believers of all ages and backgrounds to be open about their non-religiosity while minimizing the negative interactions in familial, social, and professional circles. As a survival guide for non-believers who wish to come out, this book provides advice and resources for those interested in publically rejecting religious dogma as well as real stories from non-believers who have experienced coming-out to less-than-supportive family or friends. Whether you're new to disbelief and looking for the cleanest possible break from your former faith or you're a lifelong atheist who wants to establish a sense of community with like-minded people, this guide provides useful resources including: tips for handling potential conflicts with believers, the author's answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on behalf of believers, and numerous references to support groups, services, and advocacy organizations dedicated to non-theists. From dealing with grief from a secular perspective to handling potential clashes in religious worldviews between significant others, this book offers multiple perspectives from non-religious individuals who have generously shared their experiences to help those atheists who may find themselves in similar situations.

Cathartic Moments Of A Captive Heart

RRP $16.99

Cathartic Moments of a Captive Heart by T.M. Lawrence is a collection of poetry that emerged from the self-hatred for one's body and the scars from one's high school experiences. Jaded by the opinions of others, spoken or unspoken, the author eventually had found solace in the emotional catharsis literature provides. Guided by an unyielding sense of spirituality, T.M. Lawrence took hand to pen and slowly began to release the inner darkness. Witnessing the self-evolution captured by the pen is truly cathartic, especially when one's heart is held captive for so long by low self-image and the malicious actions of the "socially accepted." This collection of poetry hopes to inspire those who have their hearts held captive to engender their own liberation.

When A Woman Finds Her Moment

RRP $28.55

Whether you are dealing with hurts from childhood or from just last night, this is the opportunity to allow God to restore your life. Why settle for where you are when you can give God the chance to change things for the better? Bible teacher Lisa Davis has written twelve short, easy-to-read stories of life principles, in which she shares from the experience of this unnamed woman how to move beyond a wounded past to healed life.


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Oh Baby Raising Baby Children Kids
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