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The Secret To A Healthy Pregnancy

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The Secret to a Healthy Pregnancy Table of Contents Introduction Section 1: Nitty-Gritty of Your Blessed Life Chapter 1:10 Facts of Pregnancy Chapter 2: Are You Expecting? Early pregnancy symptoms: Late striking symptoms: Section 2: Cramping First Trimester Chapter 1: Symptoms of the First 3 Months Chapter 2: Steps to Follow Exercise for your baby: Chapter 3: Diet to Take Chapter 4: Don'ts of the Early Era Section 3: Get Over Second Trimester Chapter 1: Feel the Change Chapter 2: Vitals of the Second Trimester Chapter 3: Diet to Take Chapter # 4: Don'ts of the Mid Era Section # 4: Count Down To Birth Chapter 1: Look Pregnant Chapter 2: Points to Follow Chapter 3: Diet to Take Chapter 4: Don'ts Towards the End Conclusion Author Bio Introduction Are you a mom to be? Congratulations! Your baby is indeed a blessing for you. But, his journey from heaven to earth is all in your belly. Your every act will affect your little new angel, including your habits, your attitude, and your routine. Don't panic on the fact you have to go through this alone. Also, don't be affright of all the advice given by the random ladies out there. Here we are just going to help you out in this crucial, as well as, blessed time. This book covers almost each and every aspect of pregnancy. It reveals some secrets for the health of the charming angel in your hands. This book includes all the essential and basic steps you should take while you are expecting. Put your hand on your belly and go through this book. You will end up having a joyous, healthy and fresh start with us.


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Pregnancy is an event in a woman's life that calls for joy and happiness. This is in anticipation of the birth of a new baby into the world. It is usually an uneventful experience especially in the western world and where problems arise, help is always available. Not so in the Sub-Saharan African region where pregnancy is a source of sorrow and pain for the vast majority of women. Certainly not in a situation where 1 out of 16 pregnant women dies as a result of complications of pregnancy. This book brings to the front burner the issue of maternal deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa. It should make an interesting reading for people in the western world to enable them to fully appreciate what is happening in other places. It is a book that bares it all; more like washing your dirty linen in the public. For people in Sub-Saharan Africa, it is a book that is intended to rouse them from their protracted slumber to enable them appreciate that there is a problem that needs urgent attention. The various causes of maternal deaths are discussed in details and solutions are proffered were necessary to help the people that are directly involved. The book also acknowledges the efforts of charitable organizations around the world that have been actively involved towards reducing the deaths that occur in pregnancy in the region. More help is however needed from Pharmaceutical Companies towards the provision of cheap retroviral drugs to fight the ravages of HIV infection in the region. This book is written in a language that has reduced to the barest minimum medical terminologies for easy readership by the general public.

My Two Cents' Worth On Pregnancy

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Why all moms forget the pregnancy side effects and the pain of labor as soon as the baby arrives? Which side effects are the most common and how I cope with them? Will I be able to breast feed? Why does a working women usually keep the pregnancy secret? How long should women work while pregnant? Jasna Zekic does not question only the process of child-bearing while dealing with the unexpected side effects. She questions the socio-economic system in place for women - from work environment to maternity leave policies in place. She begins her first trimester observing the role of hormones. Some of the side-effects cause back pain, insomnia and exhaustion while others have an effect on her potty business and hair growth. She does not hide anything, from her food cravings, weight increase, the frequent visits to OB&GYN, to mood changes. Zekic illustrates pregnancy month by month and what women go through while growing a small human inside a womb. Her Two Cents´Worth cover the topic on why sex is not so forbidden fruit for pregnant women. The reality of unexpected body changes. The work conditions. The birth preparation, anticipation, and the fear of giving the birth. My Two Cents´Worth symbolize the amendment to known facts about the pregnancy, and the reality of normal side effects. Pregnant women, and all future moms reading this book will be prepared to expect the unexpected. The book can deliver more than just examples about certain discomforts. It will change the way we appreciate the pregnant woman and the way we interpret the world helping them prepare for the big future.


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