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Pregnancy Guide For First Time Moms

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Even if the child is only carried by the woman, it does not mean that the journey of pregnancy should only be taken by the woman. As a couple, both of you are responsible for the child that will soon see the world. For you to make the child healthy and happy as soon as he or she is born, there things that you need to do as a mother to prepare the child especially when it comes to their health and your partner should be involved in it too.


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Are you going to become a new mom? It is the of the biggest, happiest, and scariest experience of your life! There is so much excitement and anticipation for the baby to come. And the next thought being of fear of going through pregnancy and what to expect. Your family and friends will tell you all of the great parts of pregnancy, such as the first time you feel your baby kick and getting to hear his or her heartbeat. But no one really prepares you for the not so pretty parts of pregnancy, labor, and post pregnancy. This is why this book was created. I want you to know what is to come during your pregnancy. I want you to be informed about what will or could happen. Knowing everything that will happen during your pregnancy will put your mind at ease and also let you know that your experiences are normal (nothing is wrong with you). It will also make your pregnancy a more enjoyable and relaxing experience. So if you are going to be a new mom and want to know what you really can expect during your pregnancy then get this book! I know it will be a great help!

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

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What if you were a sixteen year old whose period was late and who feared to tell her parents about her pregnancy? What if you were a woman, mother of two young children, caught in a custody battle with her ex-spouse when she discovers her period is over due and she has definite symptoms of pregnancy? What would you do if you knew there was a confidential place where you can get some free information from people who would listen and not tell you what to do? For over forty years, women in just these circumstances have come into crisis pregnancy centers all over America. This is the story of how these centers have blossomed and flourished because distressed pregnant woman have wanted them and because ordinary people have desire to help these women. Here is a compilation of testimonies of pioneers who have founded and sustained their centers through four decades. The author examines the milieu of the culture of death and speaks about the Crisis Pregnancy Centers as an idea that had to come into existence.


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Oh Baby Raising Baby Children Kids
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