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A Baby For The Deputy

RRP $11.50

A BABY ON THE WAYA secret, no-strings relationship with Aaron Travers has suited Melody Hartman just fine for the past eight months. The lives of the Mustang Valley veterinarian and the deputy sheriff have always been complicatedand are about to become more so, because Mel is pregnant!Raising his toddler daughter and protecting his Arizona town are Aaron's priorities. But this unexpected pregnancy is a life changer. The widowed single dad is ready to do the right thing and marry Mel. Can he say the three words she is waiting to hear? Will she think he wants to marry her only because of the baby? Or will she acknowledge that their feelings for each other run deeper than either of them realized?"

Billionaire Baby Daddy

RRP $12.99

When I went out for my twenty-first birthday, all I wanted was a few drinks and a night out with my friends but what I ended up with was so much more that what I'd expected. A night of frivolity with the girls soon ended up being a night to remember when we were invited to the VIP area of the hottest club in town to see my favorite DJ and when I met him, I knew my life would never be the same. A one night stand and a year later, I found myself raising a beautiful baby boy by myself and though he was the greatest blessing I'd ever received, money was tight and times were getting pretty hard, but I was managing. As luck would have it, I ran into Trent Mandrake one day as I was walking and after a brief conversation, I informed him of his child. His reaction was the absolute worst and after the uncomfortable encounter, he handed me a business card and informed me that he wanted me to have a paternity test done and then we could handle things from there. After the test, he made it clear that he didn't want anything to do with us but would help out financially and that was better than nothing at this point, but I wanted my son to have his father. I wondered if there were any way that Trent and I could ever make some sort of relationship possible and the more that I saw him, the more I wanted to be near him. Could things between the rich and arrogant philanthropist ever work out or would I always just be another bill that he had to pay? Could we ever find that spark that we had on the night we met or was I doomed to want him from afar and be doomed to forever just be nothing more than his son's mother?

A Conard County Baby

RRP $11.99

MOTHER...NANNY...BRIDE? On the run from an overbearing family and a violent fiance, Hope Conroy takes refuge in Conard County, Wyoming. But what can a pregnant ex- socialite do to keep a roof over her head? Divorced rancher Jim Cashford never expected to be raising an angry child alone - he needs a second pair of hands! Despite Hope's secrets, something tells him that she's just what his daughter needs. And the more he gets to know his beautiful, wounded nanny, the more he yearns to heal her heart...and form the family they all long for.

Raising Them Right

RRP $24.15

Practical advice for raising children, from an Eastern Orthodox Christian perspective. Saint Theophan, while from a different era and country, has an uncanny ability to communicate with modern Westerners. Raising Them Right provides both practical and spiritual insight into a variety of important areas, such as baptism, the spiritual and psychological development of children through their teens, and preserving God's grace in a child's life. "What good fortune therefore it is to receive a good, truly Christian upbringing, to enter with it into the years of youth, then in the same spirit to enter into the years of adulthood." -Saint Theophan Find practical advice for reaching these goals for your children in RAISING THEM RIGHT.

I Can Be...a Baby Doctor (barbie)

RRP $7.99

Girls ages 4 to 6 love babies, and they will love reading about Barbie as she learns all about a baby doctor in this Step Into Reading leveled reader.


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