Hi, I’m Bec Dawson. I’m a Registered Midwife (Endorsed) and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and I genuinely care about you and your family.

While working in the maternity ward of a hospital I saw so many couples struggle during the transition to parenthood. I did all I could to support them while they were there but couldn’t help wondering how they were coping at home. I decided it was important for me to offer families like these continued support and help guide them through this amazingly special, yet utterly exhausting, time.  That’s how Baby Business came to be ♡

Baby Business provides early parenting support and lactation services in the comfort of your own home (for Gold Coast, South Brisbane and Tweed residents) or via video consultations (nationally). In-home respite also available for local families or those visiting the Gold Coast. 




Following your first Baby Business service you become eligible for a
20% discount 
on any, or all, of the following:

  • Weaning and/or Returning to Work Consultations and
  • Parenting Support Plus. 

How to prepare for your appointment can be found on the FAQ page.

Medicare benefits may apply until baby is 6 weeks of age.

Claims can be lodged on your behalf immediately after applicable service has been provided.

Further information relating to Medicare and Private Health
Fund rebates can be found in FAQ‘s.




Client Feedback

"Supportive and nonjudgemental”

"Bec is a beautiful person - inside and out. She's easy to talk to and always willing to help. She was so supportive and nonjudgemental, I honestly can't recommend her highly enough."


“Caring and compassionate”

"Words cannot describe how caring, compassionate and professional Rebecca is. I would recommend her in a heartbeat! "


“Amazingly kind”


"I can not describe how amazingly kind and supportive Bec was after the birth of my baby. She really listened to my concerns and took away my doubts around feeding my baby. I am so much more confident now and my baby is happy and thriving. Thank you Bec for your support and encouragement."


"Four hours sleep!"

"My family immediately felt at ease with Bec, she is very professional but also loves to have a laugh. She took the time to listen to how we felt and worked with us rather than telling us what we should do. The best part though was 4 hours of solid sleep knowing our precious daughter was in safe hands!"


Loisa Bautista
1 November 2023
I thought breastfeeding will come naturally but I experienced low supply and positioning difficulties because of my bilateral carpal tunnel since pregnancy. I almost give up , thankfully I contacted Bec before the first 6 weeks. I did couple of bulk billing session and she even made time before her work to come over to my place and educate me. I really appreciate it Bec, thanks for your compassion and knowledge. I managed to gain confident breastfeeding my bub anytime and anywhere😊
Demika Crow
6 September 2023
Amazing! Being my second baby and never being able to confidently breast feed my first I really wanted to achieve this. Bec was very relaxed and helped me achieve my goals. Bec also helped me wean off a shield at 10weeks which I thought would be a horrible experience. I believe that I wouldn’t have achieved this without Bec’s help and short term support. Only 3 sessions!!
Melissa Malone
19 August 2023
Bec's knowledge and expertise have seriously been the cornerstone f my successful breastfeeding journey. Bec has informed and reassured me throughout my antenatal and post natal breastfeeding experience. Bec's knowledge is all research based and she really just has an excellent way of informing you on what is normal for a breastfeeding baby and breastfeeding journey. I highly recommend Bec's online video consults services.
Laura Matthews
17 June 2023
I contacted Bec when I was having doubts about my breast feeding ability with my first baby. There wasn’t necessarily anything wrong but I felt I had a low supply and my baby was very unsettled. I had two zoom apps with Bec and both were so informative and helpful. Bec is so knowledgeable and her breadth of experience as both a midwife and lactation consultant can really be felt in both her approach and the info she provides. Even via Zoom I felt I received a very personal and thorough consult. The info she provided definitely helped me to feel more confident and in my breast feeding journey and also cleared up some info on tongue ties I’d had after being told my little boy needed some quite invasive surgery to get it rectified which I felt was not entirely accurate. I will be contacting Bec again when I return to work so we can come up with a plan so I can keep breastfeeding. Thank you so much Bec!
Nicola Holtham
22 April 2023
I contacted Bec in preparation for my second baby. I had so much trouble feeding with my first and felt that there was such little support. The support that I had found was also inconsistent and I could never get any clear answers or advice. Bec was so confident and really took the time to understand my circumstances as well as my new breastfeeding goals with baby number 2. She is incredibly knowledgeable, understanding and just a pleasure to speak to. I would recommend Bec time and time again.
Sharni Cairns
18 April 2023
I can’t recommend Bec enough or thank her enough for her time and knowledge that she shared with me in my home. A week prior to our catch up, I was given some very outdated advice from a child health nurse and it was not working for me. Thank god for Bec or that could have ruined my breastfeeding journey. Thanks Bec!
Ryan G
3 April 2023
Posting on behalf of wife- I was really unsuccessful in breastfeeding our first child that when things didn't go to plan during the birth of our second, I knew I had to turn to someone for help. After looking through many reviews and costings of IBCLCs, despite them being worth their weight in gold, I didn't know how I was going to afford to pay for one. Someone recommended Bec from Baby Business, as she does bulk billed consults for the first 6 weeks. I thought, let's give this a go, I have nothing to lose. After sending Bec a message, she was able to squeeze me in due to our time sensitive situation. She took the time to listen and then gave thorough advice and tips. Bec then took the time to follow up our session with a resource list that has become invaluable to me as a guide to help in my feeding journey. Lastly, she was able to provide 'hands on' alterations via the phone consults which have stuck with me due to me having the make the alterations. I cannot thank Bec enough for giving EVERY women the chance to see an IBCLC by making it affordable and for being so kind, caring and understanding. Her advice and support has helped me be successful in breastfeeding this time round.
Isabella Barr
2 April 2023
I found Bec when I was having trouble with my newborn taking the breast as he had began having a bottle preference. Bec helped and gave me tips and tricks on how to overcome the bottle preference and back taking the breast. After a week or so he was back on the breast with so much less hassle. I would highly recommend Bec, she’s the absolute best.
Lauren Wright
3 March 2023
As first time parents, my husband and I felt nervous and underprepared for the arrival of our little one earlier this year. A friend recommended Bec to us and we could not be happier that she did. The in home parenting preparation session really helped build our confidence, and we were also able to contact Bec when our son was admitted to special care for some extra support to continue establishing breastfeeding. Our two follow up sessions after this were also invaluable and reassured us that everything was going well. Bec is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. I credit her for the so far successful, painless and minimally stressful breastfeeding and early parenting experience we’ve had so far.
Naomi Fillmore
10 February 2023
After seeing couple of lactation consultants through my hospital, I reached out to Bec at Baby Business as my baby and I were still having difficulties with poor attachment leading to blocked ducts, mastitis, and long and painful feeds. I'm so glad I did! Over five sessions, Bec totally turned our breastfeeding journey around. Baby's attachment has improved dramatically and not only did thee issues above resolve, but baby also started sleeping longer too (could be a coincidence but I think the extra milk had something to do with it!). Bec is also a registered midwife so helped answer questions I had in other areas too. For babies under six weeks, online sessions can be bulk billed so there is nothing to loose! While our issues are now resolved, I plan to contact Baby Business again when I return to work and/or come to weening. Overall I can't recommend Bec and Baby Business highly enough!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.