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Hi, I’m Bec Dawson. I’m a Registered Midwife (Endorsed) and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and I genuinely care about you and your family.

While working in the maternity ward of a hospital I saw so many couples struggle during the transition to parenthood. I did all I could to support them while they were there but couldn’t help wondering how they were coping at home. I decided it was important for me to offer families like these continued support and help guide them through this amazingly special, yet utterly exhausting, time.  That’s how Baby Business came to be 🖤

Baby Business provides early parenting support in the comfort of your own home (for Gold Coast residents) or via video consultations (nationally).  Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth I’m here for you, because every baby, and therefore every early parenting experience, is completely different.

I love having the opportunity to prepare expectant parents for what the first few weeks with a newborn are going to be like (see my Preparation for Parenting service here).

Most woman find breastfeeding difficult in the beginning. For something so natural, it rarely happens naturally. Issues such as nipple pain or damage, babies who can’t or won’t latch, real or perceived low milk supply and engorged breasts are extremely common. Those things can be stressful enough but add to that the lack of sleep and sometimes conflicting advice and it becomes a highly emotional and vulnerable time.

Breastfeeding takes practice, patience and persistence but with some evidence-based advice and gentle encouragement from me there’s nothing you can’t overcome.

I can also recommend different techniques to settle your crying baby, and if you’re concerned I’ll reassure you about “normal” newborn behaviour from a biological point of view.

Do you have a baby who just loves to be held? Who lulls you into a false sense of security by falling asleep on you and then their eyes pop open the second you lay them down? Are you dreaming of day you can get more than 45 mins of sleep? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then do yourself a favour and book an overnight stay.

Get some well deserved and much needed sleep by booking my Parenting Support service or better yet a Parenting Support Plus package (visits of varying length available). I will take your baby for a walk or just cuddle them for you while you rest easy knowing that your baby is safe with a midwife who has spent many hours caring for babies.




Throughout your pregnancy, early parenting and breastfeeding journey you will no doubt have many questions and you may even encounter some problems.

You might be wondering things like:
What are the nursery necessities?
Where should my newborn sleep?
How should I dress my baby?

Not to mention the million other things that pop into your head at 2am when you have to get up to wee or feed.

Or you might suffer from:
Blocked ducts,
A colicky baby.

Perhaps one day you’ll want to learn things like when and how to start expressing or what paced bottle feeding is.

For all this and more my Parenting Support Subscription is invaluable.  For general advice and guidance I’m only ever a message away.


Following your first Baby Business service you become eligible for a
20% discount 
on any, or all, of the following:

  • Continuation Consultations,
  • Weaning and/or Return to Work Consultations,
  • Parenting Support and
  • Parenting Support Plus. 

How to prepare for your appointment can be found on the FAQ page.

Medicare benefits may apply until baby is 6 weeks of age.

Claims can be lodged on your behalf immediately after applicable service has been provided.

Further information relating to Medicare and Private Health Fund rebates can be found in FAQ‘s.


What People are Saying

"Supportive and nonjudgemental”

"Bec is a beautiful person - inside and out. She's easy to talk to and always willing to help. She was so supportive and nonjudgemental, I honestly can't recommend her highly enough."


“Caring and compassionate”

"Words cannot describe how caring, compassionate and professional Rebecca is. I would recommend her in a heartbeat! "


“Amazingly kind”


"I can not describe how amazingly kind and supportive Bec was after the birth of my baby. She really listened to my concerns and took away my doubts around feeding my baby. I am so much more confident now and my baby is happy and thriving. Thank you Bec for your support and encouragement."


"Four hours sleep!"

"My family immediately felt at ease with Bec, she is very professional but also loves to have a laugh. She took the time to listen to how we felt and worked with us rather than telling us what we should do. The best part though was 4 hours of solid sleep knowing our precious daughter was in safe hands!"


Don’t be shy!

Let me know if you have any questions.