How do I prepare for an appointment?

When I visit families I want them to be comfortable and relaxed. Please don’t feel like you have to clean, tidy up, alter your daily schedule or “entertain” me.

If your appointment is lactation related it’s ideal if baby hasn’t just fed before I arrive. However I know what it’s like to have a hangry baby so don’t hesitate to respond to your baby’s needs as required.

If your service is eligible for a Medicare rebate and you didn’t enter your card number and/or bank account details on the intake form please have it handy before your appointment begins.

I love all animals so as long as yours is happy to see me I will be happy to see them.

    What will happen during my appointment?

    If your appointment is lactation related I will:

    • Ask any questions I might have about your pre-filled intake form,
    • Discuss how you feel breastfeeding is going, and ensure we focus on your personal goals and needs,
    • Conduct a brief physical exam of your baby and your breasts if required,
    • Examine baby’s oral and physical structures and function (including checking for tongue and lip ties),
    • Ask questions about baby’s feeding (how many times a day and for how long), sleep habits, number of wet and dirty nappies, and general behaviour,
    • Ask questions about your nutrition, sleep, and mental health,
    • Observe baby feeding, if possible,
    • Help with positioning and latch,
    • Discuss breastfeeding management and solutions to any difficulties,
    • Review normal behaviours, and how to maintain adequate milk supply,
    • Assist with pumping, including setting up a pump and sizing for flanges if needed.
    • Work together to develop a Care Plan that works for you and your family to help you meet your goals,
    • Make referrals to any specialists if indicated.

    At all appointments I will:

    • Teach you to feed the baby with alternative methods/tools if necessary,
    • Show you a number of different techniques you can try to settle your baby,
    • Answer any questions you may have,
    • Leave your family feeling more empowered and confident in your parenting abilities.
      What will happen after my appointment?

      After your appointment I will:

      • Make a claim for your Medicare rebate on your behalf (if applicable),
      • Email your customised Care Plan,
      • Attach any information pamphlets I consider will be helpful for you to look over whenever you need to.
      • With your permission, I will also send your Care Plan to your other health care providers (GP, midwife, pediatrician or obstetrician), as designated in your appointment notes, to facilitate continuity of care.
      • Make contact  within 48 hours to touch base and discuss any further changes that need to be made (postnatal lactation appointments only).

      For services and packages that include 14 days follow up you can message me 24/7 via secure text and email. I’ll get back to any questions you have asap. There’s no need to worry about whether you’ve thought to ask everything during your appointment.

      Medicare and Private Health Fund Rebates

      Medicare claims for services that qualify for a rebate can be lodged on your behalf (although you’re more than welcome to submit the receipt yourself if you prefer).

      Private Health Fund benefits may also be available. These are dependant on your level of cover so please contact your insurer to check your policy. Following your consultation you will receive a receipt to provide to your insurer.

      Package costs which include a service  attracting a Medicare rebate are not able to be claimed until after the conclusion of the last applicable service.

      What areas do you cover?

      I service the entire Gold Coast and anywhere between the Gold Coast and Brisbane providing it isn’t further than 10 minutes off the M1.

      Video Consults

      Consultations take place in the comfort of your own home. Most can however be done via secure video chat so if that is your preference please let me know.

      Virtual consults involve working with parents as best I can through secure video chat technology. I am, of course, unable to physically examine your baby or your breasts through the internet, but together we can often do everything else we would normally do during a home visit.


      Booking terms and conditions

      I respect that your time is valuable and appreciate that you understand mine is too.

      A deposit of 25% is required at the time of booking.
      Total payment for any service is due at the time of consultation.
      Package fees are expected to be paid in full at the first consultation in the package.
      Any balance that remains outstanding will be considered a default and, unless alternative arrangements for payment are agreed upon, will be forwarded to a collection agency after 7 days.

      Bookings cancelled without 48 hours notice will incur an administration fee equal to 25% of the service or package price.
      Consultations cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the appointment time can be rescheduled or alternatively have the deposit refunded.

      Parenting Support Subscription

      I endevour to reply to texts or emails within 6 hours. However I guarantee a response within 14 hours otherwise that month is free.

      The number of texts or emails you can send it not limited.

      It is important to note that there may be some circumstances when an answer via text or email is not suitable or effective. If I consider any question or situation so complex that I am unable to respond without garnering further information I will request that you book a consultation (additional fees will apply).  This will enable me to carry out a thorough assessment and ensure my advice or recommended course of action are safe and appropriate.

      If at any time you wish to cancel your subscription please email admin@babybusiness.com.au and the cancellation will take effect at the end of the current month.

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