About Me

Endorsed Midwife and

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Where It All Began

When I was young, I wanted to be a midwife, but I got a great job straight out of school and then life happened. A successful career saw me managing an office in the property/finance sector. I loved that job.

Then eight years ago baby Mackenzie came along and turned my life upside down! I loved Kenzie too, in fact I absolutely adored her (still do!) but I’m someone who needs structure and thrives on organisation. Being a new parent isn’t conducive to either of those things. I felt unprepared for how someone so little could cause such big changes. I struggled with the adaptation to motherhood more than I wanted to admit.

I didn’t trust my maternal instincts and was desperate for guidance. Breastfeeding didn’t come naturally to me and I was given conflicting advice by midwives on how to do it. Dealing with the inconsistency was hard. I was vulnerable, not only did I need guidance I needed emotional support and empathy. Yet the midwives seemed to lack compassion. I decided that I needed to do something so that I could give women, and their partners, the help and support they need during this life changing experience.

After years of study and many sleepless nights I became a Registered Midwife. Later I qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I then did further study to gain accreditation as an Endorsed Midwife. This endorsement enables me to write prescriptions and means my clients are entitled to a Medicare rebate for most services. All these qualifications come with requirements for continued learning which ensures that any advice I give is current and of the highest professional standard. 

My dream is to make a difference by educating women, and their partners, close to the end of pregnancy, about what to expect once their baby arrives. My knowledge of newborn behaviour will reassure you that everything you’re experiencing is normal. I’ll be there to support you without judgement and guide you while you develop the confidence to relax and trust your intuition when it comes to caring for your baby your way. 



Medicare benefits may apply until baby is 6 weeks of age.

Claims can be lodged on your behalf immediately after applicable service has been provided.

Further information relating to Medicare and Private Health
Fund rebates can be found in FAQ‘s.







What People are Saying

"Supportive and nonjudgemental”

"Bec is a beautiful person - inside and out. She's easy to talk to and always willing to help. She was so supportive and nonjudgemental, I honestly can't recommend her highly enough."


“Caring and compassionate”

"Words cannot describe how caring, compassionate and professional Rebecca is. I would recommend her in a heartbeat! "


“Amazingly kind”


"I can not describe how amazingly kind and supportive Bec was after the birth of my baby. She really listened to my concerns and took away my doubts around feeding my baby. I am so much more confident now and my baby is happy and thriving. Thank you Bec for your support and encouragement."


"Four hours sleep!"

"My family immediately felt at ease with Bec, she is very professional but also loves to have a laugh. She took the time to listen to how we felt and worked with us rather than telling us what we should do. The best part though was 4 hours of solid sleep knowing our precious daughter was in safe hands!"


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.